Do you want to attract new customers from your Facebook Page? Get reviews! With more than 1.79 billion Facebook users, you can get a good number of customers on Facebook if previous customers have something nice to say about your business. Without a doubt, positive reviews will boost sales and excite others to leave a review as well.

According to the 2015 Social Recommendations Index, about 71% of Facebook users trust the reviews given by other customers. The same report also indicated that about 66% of users on Facebook will share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions on the company or their recent purchase. A potential customer is likely to trust a Facebook Review the same way he or she will trust a recommendation by a family member or a friend. In fact, a Facebook review could be what an undecided buyer needs to make up their mind about your business over a competitor.

Reviews are becoming important to businesses not just on Facebook but on other platforms as well. It doesn’t matter how many reviews you have now, the more the better – especially when these reviews are positive. The only way to get positive reviews is to improve your customers’ experience. Unfortunately, getting reviews is not easy even when your service/product is unique. In this article, you will learn the top ways you can get your first 100 Facebook reviews.

Top 10 Ways To Get Your First 100 Facebook Reviews

1. Ask Your Family Members

Family is everything. They could be exactly what you need when you are looking for some fresh reviews on Facebook. Asking your family to visit your business and give an honest review on Facebook is an easy way to gain some momentum when you need new Facebook reviews especially when you are just getting started.

A lot of your family members will be more than happy to help you out. If you ask well within your family and extended family, you can be able to get your first 10 reviews from your family members alone.

2. Talk To Your Friends

Your friends wouldn’t mind giving you reviews as far as it wouldn’t take much of their time. Let them know about your business. Of course, they can always visit your business and give an honest review later. You can go ahead and send them a link to your Facebook Page, this will make it more convenient for them to visit your Facebook Business Page and give you a review.

3. Ask your Social Group

Do you belong to a social club like Alumni, church group, or a local gym membership? Don’t be shy to ask them to visit your business and give you a review on Facebook. You can create a flyer you could share at a meeting. You could also tell them about your business on Facebook group or any other platform you use to meet on the internet.

4. Call In a Favor

Chances are you have a variety of vendors that won’t mind giving you a positive review on Facebook. The fact is that all you need is to ask them. Moreover, most of them may have visited your business in the past and can give you a review right away.

5. Promote Your Facebook Profiles On your Site

Don’t forget to promote your Facebook Business Page on your website. If someone has a positive experience on your website, there are tons of plugins you can use to redirect them to give you reviews on your Facebook page.

6. Talk to Your Coworkers/Employees

Don’t forget that your coworkers or acquaintances will be willing to give you reviews. You can ask them to review your business on Facebook while you give them a review on LinkedIn if they don’t have a business of their own. You can talk to your former coworkers as well as your employees. This should help you get about 10 reviews.

7. Send Email Requests

Sending an email request to your customers to give you a review always work like a charm. According to statistics, most customers won’t mind giving you a review especially when they enjoy using your business. All you need to do is ask. Make sure you instantly send an email to a customer after doing business with you. Ask the customer about his experience and direct them to give you an honest review.

8. Offer Incentives

Incentives such as “10% discount on your next purchase” work like a charm when you want to get reviews from your customers. After a conducting a business with a customer on your website, you can offer an incentive to customers to leave a review.

9. Place CTAs On Your Site

Tons of websites now make use of a social plugin that allows customers to leave a review on their social media accounts after conducting business with them. This is one of the easiest ways to encourage customers to give you a review.  With a little search, you can find a trusted plugin that you can use to place a Call-To-Action that asks customers to “Leave a Review” after doing business with you.

And so, what’s the bottom line?

You can easily get your first 100 Facebook reviews if you are creative. Don’t be afraid to ask. A lot of people will be willing to give you reviews when you ask them to do so. More importantly, don’t lose hope. With time, your efforts will pay off!

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